Lecangs Service

ecommerce management

Order Management and Fulfillment

Order managment and fulfillment is the process that starts when your customers places an order and ends when the order is fulfilled by lecangs. Our order management allows you to coordinate and watch through the entire fulfillment process. To not make you be overwhelmed by the vast amount of orders coming in, lecangs tops transportation and delivery with inventory management for stock handling, also delivers updates for easy tracking.

Expert of Heavy-duty products fulfillment

Most 3PL logistics do not know how to deal with heavy-duty products so that they are not capable to help you actively track your heavy duty inventory. Therefore, the protection of heavy goods could be uneasy. They either consider a cost of doing business, or they just try not to think about it. The reality is that it can be a massive cash drain on your business. HOWEVER, Lecangs has 9 years dealing-heavy-duties experience, we know what you care the most and we know how to prevent the damage of both the goods and your benefits.

Inventory Management

Inventory management plays an important role in order management. Lecangs adopts a cloud-based inventory control system. As orders are received, inventory can be allocated to specific orders, and the status can be changed in the inventory record for that order.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

To help your business grow, Lecangs joins Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a service that we provide to you by access to Amazon's logistics network. So to speak, you send products to Amazon fulfillment centers and when your customer makes a purchase, Amazon will handle receiving, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns for those orders and you will enjoys the effective, reliable ecommerce fulfillment that delights your customers by use Lecangs as your resource.

FBA Preparation

Prepare Your Inventory Well

Amazon requires that your products are packaged 100% correctly, each and every time, in order to both accept your products and make sure that they are fulfilled successfully. An FBA prep company like Lecangs helps you prep your inventory from Amazon fulfillment center or its own 3PL warehouse. Lecangs coordinates the entire shipment process for you and as professional experts, knows all the technical requirements needed to get your products into Amazon.

Integrate with FBA System

If you are a FBA preferer, we are here to help you take advantage of Amazon’s global reach and supply chain infrastructure, reducing marketing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and more. Lecangs makes it easier because we know how to get along with FBA system. We integrate our services with you, and provide the storage, packaging, fulfillment and shipping solutions and other customization resources that your business needs to sell effectively on Amazon.

FBA Forwarding

Choose the Best Route

Your shipping destination can have major implications on your freight cost and transit time, especially during the period of coronavirus. While Amazon doesn’t let you choose which warehouse to ship to, we let you optimize the closest fulfillment center. To increase the likelihood of optimal placement, specify that your inventory are coming from a lecangs's warehouse close to the FBA facility you desire to instead of your supplier’s address.

Necassary for International Shipping

Without an FBA freight forwarder, it would be nearly impossible for the average person to arrange the shipment process independently, especially if you are just start up or your business is still in the growing stage. There are many laws and regulations involved when shipping internationally, so it’s best to let a freight forwarder manage the logistics on your behalf.