Lecangs Strategic Global Presence

Loctek Inc. has established branches worldwide, including San Francisco, Memphis, Houston and other hubs in America; Manila, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan in Asia; and Germany and the United Kingdom in Europe. This has accelerated the promotion of the global marketing landscape. In 75 countries and regions around the world, Loctek Inc. provides a healthy life for millions of users and families.

Our strategy is not a corporate strategy, but a human one; we aim to create value for society. We have established warehouses worldwide, fostering a multi-cultural team with deep experience in back-end supply chain, marketing, patents, logistics, and after-sales. 

Loctek now has the ability to help more and more small- to medium-sized foreign trade companies transform and upgrade to realize their full potential as international e-commerce competitors, evolving from an FOB factory model to a brand operator which covers the entire process of exporting, warehousing, logistics, and distribution value chain.