Lecangs Partner Company Loctek New “L”-Shaped HQ Building in Ningbo, China

With one building already constructed at Loctek HQ site in Ningbo, China, Loctek recently unveiled a 48.3 million plan for a building on 10.4 acres in the same district. The 20-story (262 ft.) building will provide 453 thousand square feet of office space for up to 1,500 Loctek staffers. The company hopes to complete the new project at Ningbo South Business District (NSBD) by April 2024.

Valued Employees

The new Loctek building’s profile resembles the letter L symbolizing the Loctek brand. Loctek values its people the most; therefore, it wishes to provide a workplace for Loctek’s and its all subsidiaries, LoctekMotion, Lecangs, FlexiSpot, Fleximounts, and PriceDepot, employees, including R&D and operation teams, to work together.

“As Loctek develops rapidly, changes happened correspondingly. We now have a strong research and operation team. They are all innovative, hard-working, and vital people, which means they deserve a better workplace,” says Lehong Xiang, Loctek’s CEO.

“L” building’s profile with lights on

Emphasized Quality of Life

The “L” building campus will emphasize quality and comfortable areas inside its buildings. Inspired to be innovative, positive, and fulfilled, the building will include a meeting area, alternative workspaces with coffee shop, makerspace, multi-functional hall. The health examination center, dining halls, and fitness center will contribute to improving the quality of life in Loctek. The roof garden will provide workers an opportunity for refreshing on the top of a busy building cluster.

Loctek is investing in setting up its own solar-powered car charging station. The parking area will probably include EV charging stations.

“L” building’s dining hall design rendering
“L” building’s rest zone design rendering

Focused on Sustainability

Dedicated to achieving sustainability in its building and operation, Loctek honors its commitment to the green building plan that focuses on the natural environment to benefit both employees and the community.

The “L” building office is equipped with curtain walls and shutters to provide healthy lighting and good ventilation. Regarding energy usage, both the electricity, the water, and the HVAC system will be energy-efficient and environmental-friendly.

   “L” building’s interior design rendering

By Alicia Wu

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