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Reverse Logistics

recoup value and ensure repeat customers

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Reverse logistics is for operations related to the service of reuse of products and capturing value. It is the process of getting your products sent back from their typical final destination for the purpose of reducing costs or proper handling with damage.

Customer Return

A return customer is so much more than a repeat customer. Returning requires an active decision and action on the part of an individual and if you handle their returns well, they will go out of their way to do business with you and can provide valuable feedback. The goal of Lecangs is to help you retain those customers who make returns by providing great customer return service to turn each of them into a valuable “Return Customer.” 

FBA Inventory Removal

Amazon has opened up a world of opportunities for sellers, but Amazon FBA sellers sometimes find themselves in a position of needing to reduce inventory because of an incorrect label, an additional label to comply with policy needed, damage, etc. But the removal of products from Amazon FBA centers isn’t free, especially when you are not doing short-term selling. While there are countless other reasons for removing inventory, these are concerns that we frequently encounter. What is important is knowing that you have a partner to help. It will be beneficial then to work with Lecangs for avoiding your long-term storage fees at Amazon FBA centers and we will guide you to create a removal order and to fully manage your FBA Removal Order.


As part of our reverse logistics service, we offer inspection onsite at Lecangs warehouse. Offering your customers quick, efficient, and easy returns is a huge step, especially for heavy-duty products, but in the right direction. Choosing Lecangs to process returns can be easy. When your customers make returns, our returns management team will receive the items and inspect them for damage, defects, and any other issues and deem what these items’ prospects for a future sale are and whether they can be resold. If so, we help you repackage; if unfortunately not, we process the returns as you directed. You can be in a state of ease having Lecangs smart inspection service for we know the process from returns to resale. You only need to view the process.


Rework service refers to the reconfiguration of products to make them suitable for delivery to your customers. For example, let’s say your product is manufactured and packaged in New York and is shipped to you for distribution in California. Unfortunately, however, there is an issue with the product in its current configuration and your customers won’t accept delivery as-is. When this occurs, it might not be a convenient and time-saving option to send the products back to New York to reconfigure then ship back to California again while incurring substantial costs of both time and money in the process. Or, you can entrust the reconfiguration of your product to one of the companies that provide product rework services like Lecangs. We guarantee that we can perform the necessary reconfiguration for any product or package and can work with you to satisfy your customers’ requirements.

Disposal and Destruction

Sometimes it is inevitable that after evaluating the damaged item then determine to dispose or destruct it properly. Defective, off-spec, returned or outdated items can be detrimental to you if they end up as grey market sales. Lecangs considers ingrained responsibility as our core value and tries to maximize your profit margins in every possible way even doing the most tedious tasks. If you have items that must be disposed of and destructed, we are specialized in the appropriate techniques and equipment to do so. Our disposal process is carefully analyzed to provide the most cost-efficient way. We also understand that you have privacy concerns, so you can be assured your and your customers’ information is kept private. Once disposed of, we provide all the necessary destruction and complete documentation of the destruction process.