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Sea Freight


Regarding headway sea transportation,Lecangs has a more advantagesous sea transportation fee and tail clearance trailer fee. A realtime tracking system ensures the safety of goods shipment. If we hand over the initial sea freight to Leangs, the workload of customers wil be reduced, the working efficiency will be imporved, and we will be more worried and assured. In addition, we have deep cooperation with FedEx, UPS, Amzaon shipping, and other local logistics providers, which can provide preferential disconunts to sellers.

FBA Preparation

Prepare Your Inventory Well

Amzaon requires that your products are packaged 100% correctly, each and every time, in order to both accept your products and make sure that they are fulfilled successfully. An FBA prep company like Lecangs helps you prep your inventory from Amazon fulfillment center or its own 3PL warehouse. Lecangs coordinates the entire shipment process for you and as professional experts, knows all the techinical requirements needed to get your products into Amazon

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Lecangs 1800TEU Containership

Latest News
A worker stands in the container clearance area at the Yangshan Deep-water Port in Shanghai, China, 7 December 2011.

China and the United States kicked off a Megaports Initiative pilot project in Shanghai on Wednesday (7 December 2011), amid efforts to improve security via radiation checks for cargo carriers at the citys Yangshan Port. The initiative, an important part of the China-US cooperation on fighting terrorism, is aimed at preventing the illegal transport of nuclear and other radioactive materials by installing detection systems in relevant ports.

Integrate with FBA System

If you are a FBA preferer, we are here to help you take advantage of Amzaon’s global reach and supply chain infrastructure, reducing marketing costs, imporving customer satisfaction, and more. Lecangs makes it easier because we know how to get along with FBA system. We integrate our services with you, and provide the storage, packaging, fulfillment and shipping solutions and other customization resources that your business needs to sell effectively on Amzaon.

FBA Forwarding

Choose the Best Route

Your shipping destination can have major implications on your feight cost and tranist time, especially during the period of coronavirus. While Amzaon doesn’t let you choose which warehouse to ship to, we let you optimize the closest fulfillment center. To increase the likelihood of optimal placement, specify that your inventory are coming form a lecangs’s warehouse close to the FBA facility you desire to instead of your supplier’s addresss.

Necassary for International Shipping

Without an FBA freight forwarder, it would be nearly impossible for the average person to arrange the shipment process independently, especially if you are just start up or your business is still in the growing stage. There are many laws and regulations involved when shipping internationally, so it’s best to let a freight forwarder manage the logistics on your behalf.